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Search tips

The VAD library database contains over 15.000 records, describing books, articles, online
resources, and other documents published in the field of the addictions.

To perform a basic search, type a word or multiple words in the search box and click the Go
button. The results will be displayed in order of publication date, from most recent to oldest. A
drop down menu allows to sort by other fields.

Click on a title to see the detailed record. If a cover is displayed, you can learn more about this
book by clicking on the Google Preview icon.

Of special interest for off-site visitors is the possibility to consult online resources through a pre-
filled Google link.

The advanced search enables you to perform field-specific searches and to use Boolean operators
(AND, OR, NOT). Furthermore, you can narrow your search on item type, publication date and

During a session, you can add records to a card, in order to send, print, or download records. Or
you can keep them permanently in lists. For the list feature, you need an account. If you have
an account, you have access to personal information, like checked out items and your search
history. If you would like to have an account, please contact the library.